What to do after terrible round


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  • What to do after terrible round
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    Half way through and just had the worst round in years. Should I back track or push forward?


    I finished the 60-day training about a month ago and had a somewhat rough start as well. Some shots I was really executing well while others were all over the place. Now things are starting to take hold better and am seeing consistency in my shots and scores starting to move lower.

    Any major swing changes takes time. The body has to build the strength to execute the move and the mind has to be confident it can pull off the shot. I did not expect to finish the training and suddenly have a competition ready swing. I would say that at this point, see how you are doing on the range or in casual golfing rounds. If you hit the ball well under those circumstances, then I would say you are on track. Also, you can always take a video of your swing and submit it to the Tathata team for evaluation.


    Thanks for the feedback. I know I’m only half way through the course and my range work is great. I guess I really am not sure if I should just keep moving forward in the program or should I be going back and repeating some of what I’ve already done.
    Thanks again.


    I have just had the same issue – worst round in years, lots of duck hooks left, no consistency and zero confidence with any shots. Really struggled with everything, backswing, downswing everything. Beginning to ask the same question.


    Hi Peter, If your starting it straight left you may be getting the base ball throw movement wrong. I’ve had a bad case of the pulls after 3 days of flushing it with every club which was very frustrating. (Day 49, 12 HC) I’ve just read a great explanation from Tathata staff in the chapter two extra materials section.

    I now recognise that in really ramping up the speed I’ve started to throw my arms past the right thigh before the body starts to turn through resulting in a shut club face. Have a look at the baseball throw clarification and work on that.

    Good luck,



    Thanks Steve, that would make sense, I’ll take a look. I do struggle with the initial baseball throw and snapping to level. I’m on day 44 but will go back and refresh my memory and look at the extra clips. Cheers

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