When does the right arm fully straighten?

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  • When does the right arm fully straighten?
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    I have just gone through the Greatest Players Hands & Arms Movements on day 18. When I look at Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus just at impact, it seems to me that their right arm is still slightly bent. But from the “baseball throw” and “moving the energy” routines we have learned that the right arm should straighten way before impact. Would anyone care to comment on this? Have I completely misunderstood one of the parts?


    Hi Bent-Ole! Thanks for reaching out and thanks for the great question! Yes, you are absolutely correct, the right arm for a RH player is not fully straightened or locked out pre impact, just like you see in all the greats. When we train these movements, “baseball throw and moving energy,” we want to sense / feel that the back arm is straightening but it functionally and anatomically will not straighten until post impact when the club is parallel with the ground again. This can be easily misinterpreted but trust that by training these movements, you will start to build massive strength in the right side of the body ultimately increasing leverage. Continue to train these movements and feel the back arm straightening into impact but not fully locked out. Great job with your training so far! Keep us up to date on your progress!

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