When to start the surf?

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  • When to start the surf?
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    In the first two chapters I thought we were suppose to start the surf at the start of the down swing. Having now completed day 25 it seems that the surf starts when the club comes just past the front foot. I’m also confused about what I should be doing with my arms in the downswing. Do I just swing down freely and let the body control the path? And finally, I have always been confused of what it means to throw the club. When I get to the back leg do I simply tighten the arms. I get the feeling that at this point I should stop all intentional arm movement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Nicholas – I’ll go back through day 25 tomorrow but my recollection is that the feet start the downswing by initiating the surfing motion. With the entire body at a pressure of four at the top of the downswing and increasing rapidly to a 6 out of impact, the arms should slam onto the body. With that said, I’ve been confused by a number of things in the program as well. Feel free to elaborate on what specifically is causing your confusion (time stamp notions from the video would help).

    As for what it means to throw the club, the video below should help. 😉


    Nicholas – Are your questions still unresolved or did you discover the answers? I’d be happy to try to help if you’re still searching.

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