Chapter 3

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  • Chapter Overview
  • Chapter 3 | Days 21 - 30 Lessons
  • Chapter Support

Chapter 03

Days 21-30


Introduction to Movement Routines
  • Introduction to the Pressure Movements Routine
  • Introduction to Impact Movements Routine
Movement Routines
  • Pressure Movements Routine A
  • Impact Movements Routine A
  • Full Swing Movements Routine A
Video Tests
  • Pressure Movements Test
  • Impact Movements Test
Deeper Discussions | Movement Fundamentals
  • Pressure
  • Striking
  • Width
  • Clubface Through Impact
  • Hand Path Through Impact
Deeper Discussions | Mental Training
  • Not Stopping Time
  • Playing to the Boundaries
  • Golf Training
Mental Training Exercises
  • Mental Training Exercise 5
  • Mental Training Exercise 6
Chapter Support

Chapter Support (third tab) materials come alongside you to support your journey through the 60-Day Program. Offering continued learning and training, these support materials are great tools for those looking to further understand and embody the 60-Day Program’s practices and principles. Give yourself an assessment to see where you are at or even validate your training by watching the greatest players & athletes of all time. These materials are here to supplement the days of training and are most effective to view after completion of each chapter.

Ask, Comment, and Help each other

The forums are here for you to use and interact with others in the Tathata community including our staff. Soon our certified movement specialists will join and add a new levels & depth.

Feel free to browse and read through the forum topics and discussions and interact and engage with others as much as you would like.

It is our intention to do whatever we can to make this the most incredible learning and training experience you have ever had in the game of golf. We would love to know any way we can help you on your journey to your greatness.

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