41,000+ Hours Of Training Consumed By Tathata Golf Students In May 2017

SCOTTSDALE, AZ., June 6, 2017 – Tathata Golf, the global leader in golf training, has set the new record with over 41,000 hours of learning and training completed by their students in May 2017, beating their previous record of 38,525 hours in April 2017.

“To see the constant growth month after month from our students has been great. We’re focused on growing the game around the world, and better golf means more golf,” said Kyle Walters, Chief Operations Officer at Tathata Golf. “Getting off the driving range a bit and truly training your body movements is a much better and faster way to improve, and that realization is starting to spread pretty rapidly.”

Tathata Golf’s flagship product, the 60-Day Training Program, is currently being utilized by thousands of golfers in 78 different countries of all different skills, ages and body types. With support from the top PGA and LPGA tour players, analysts and instructors, Tathata Golf has become the most popular golf training program in the world less than two years after its launch. In addition to the online training program, students are learning and improving their game at health clubs, yoga studios, and golf course facilities through Tathata’s Certified Movement Specialists around the world.

“It has been important to us to show that golf can be fun, reactionary, and athletic like other sports,” said Bryan Hepler, founder of Tathata Golf. “We are grateful for all of our partners, supporters, and students for their willingness to believe in a better way to learn and teach this game.”

The Tathata Golf 60-Day Training Program is the first of its kind, delivering world-class movement training to people’s living rooms. Students simply follow along the program’s movements and routines to build the movements of the greatest golfers and athletes of all-time right into their swings. Supported by martial art movement and striking principles, the movements are also the safest, healthiest way to swing a golf club and prevent injury. Rooted in over 2,500 years of martial art traditions, mental training discussions and exercises come alongside the program’s movement training to round out the “mind, body and swing” essence of the program.