Tathata Golf Mental Training


Move beyond all doubt and come to revere your own authentic greatness building.

Tathata in its truest sense means “suchness” a sense of complete understanding and all knowing.
Tathata Golf provides a safe and proven path for all who come to embody this most fundamental principle. The essence of Tathata and suchness is found deep within the simple understanding of knowing who you are and being trained in such a way that you always have a sense of where you are going and that your greatness is building.

Tathata Mental Training. The Power to Move Far Beyond Any Limitations You Once Had


Tathata mental training practices and principles open you up to a profound greatness; a power to go far beyond any limitations you may have once had.
The foundation of Tathata mental training rests on over 2,500 years of validated practices and principles from the martial art world used by some of the world’s greatest and strongest minds of all-time. In a place of their highest good, students train their spontaneous reactions and first instincts and begin separating less from their authentic greatness.
Coming to understand and embody the energy of absolute strength, new and incredible outcomes come easier and faster than ever before as students come to understand and embody the true essence of Tathata.


Mental Training Way Beyond Modern Sports Psychology


Tathata introduces a way to move beyond modern sports psychology and into a place of absolute strength that you can rely on, whether a beginner, low handicapper, junior, senior or even a tour player.
A true sense of strength comes from knowing what you are doing. Tathata mental training exposes students to the power that can come from training and being able to trust their first instinct and spontaneous reactions as they begin to achieve new and incredible outcomes on and off the course.


“Although I had been exposed to and studied different forms of meditation, the mental training exercises were like nothing I had ever experienced and have dramatically helped the way I think on the course and think about myself.”  


  • Sue Wieger, M. Ed., LPGA, Peak Performance Coach and Professional Golfer


Are you ready start trusting your own instincts and spontaneous reactions? Begin your path of complete understanding & building of your own authentic greatness.

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