The Martial Art Influence in Tathata Golf Training

Martial Art Influence | Tathata

True and tested learning found deep within martial art training   


Tathata Golf training brings forward the true and tested learning environment found deep within martial art training. A complete path to learning and training for your mind, body and swing, the Tathata Golf Training combines the movements of the greatest golfers and athletes of all-time with learning and movement fundamentals found in the timeless teachings of the martial art world.

Golf Training Built to Mimic Learning a Martial Art


Built to mimic how one would learn a martial art, Tathata’s extensive and thorough training is strategically delivered to build on itself daily over the length of the Tathata Golf 60 Day program. Movement training based on the world’s greatest golfers and athletes of all-time is combined with timeless truths from the martial art world.
Students learn movement and striking truths of how to create, build, store and move energy all throughout the swing and how to create maximum force, stability and control through a strike. These practices and principles have been validated for over 2,500 years and allow students to retain and improve learning at rapid rate while building their own authentic greatness in the game of golf.


Bryan’s deep understanding of natural body movements through the eyes of the Samurai made it real to me. I have seen every form of golf instruction and this is not only revolutionary but refreshing.”  – Gary McCord, unpaid product spokesperson


A Deeper Look at the Martial Art Influence In Tathata Golf Training


As in a martial art, Tathata Golf begins with bringing the student and path of learning together. The first step of profound knowledge is to be assured that the essence of the training is validated and true in the highest sense. Tathata Golf training brings that safety and knowledge to all who come and learn.
As a child steps into a dojo there is an openness and willingness to the path and a complete respect and reverence to the outcomes ahead. This acceptance of truth prior to beginning is where you find the openness, willingness of growth and the expectation to something incredible building through the training. Tathata golf is designed upon this path of delivery and gives each and every student the opportunity to train with complete faith in the outcomes ahead.
The programs are delivered in a form of learning that allows for each golfer to work with their mind, body, and swing in an athletic and spontaneous way with each moment of learning being validated as truth so that all can move past judgment of right or wrong. The essence of a path of learning is that it must give safety to all who look for it and this acceptance allows for rapid learning.
The principals start from the ground up so that you can be assured to learn is such a way that you can count on yourself. As in a martial art, the path begins with training the body and mind together. From there we add on hands and arms with the mind. With a complete understand of body, hands and arms movements with go back in and add pressure, the vitality of movement to each area of training. This allows for the understanding and addition of speed, strength, and trajectory. Simultaneously mental training exercises are being added along the way to ensure the growth of the mind with each step of growth. This is what we mean by a complete path of learning.
For the first time in the game of golf a path of learning has been developed for the love of the game, an education that can be validated and counted on in the moments ahead. That is the essence of Tathata Golf Training.
Tathata Golf is in its truest sense is designed for a softening and a coming together of all golf instruction for the betterment of the game we love… It is our intention to shed light on the truth of movement and simply let all who come gain safety in reverence to their own authentic greatness.
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