Tathata Movement Training


Introducing a Completely New Way to Learn and Train in the Game of Golf

One of the most essential elements of Tathata Golf training is how we move the body.
To teach this, we utilize very specific movements and routines. Movement truths, training principles and the structured path of learning have strong ties to the martial art world. This is where Tathata Golf training takes very detailed and complicated full swing, chipping and putting mechanics and teaches them in a completely new way.
The Tathata Golf approach makes learning for the student much simpler, easier and faster, for individuals of all different types of ages, body types and ability levels to move through a structured path of learning and training to improve and retain information at a rapid new pace never before seen in golf.

What’s Involved in Tathata Movement Training?


Tathata Golf Movement Training is designed to teach students how the body moves with strength and energy. You will learn how to create world class movements and to validate those movements with images of the very same movements of the greatest players of all-time.
You’ll learn stretching routines to allow the body to move with more flexibility. You add hands and arms movements, then start to add pressure and so on as each day as the program builds on itself.
Day one talks to Day two. Day Two talks to Day three. Day four talks to days 1, 2 and 3 and what is coming. The program is designed to build as a martial art would. Students follow a path of learning so that at the end of the 60 days, they can absolutely know who they are and have an expectation of greatness “out in front.”
Movement Training Sessions include:

  • Movement routines. Each one building on the next
  • In-depth movement descriptions
  • Stretching movement routines to support all training
  • Greatest players and athletes videos
  • Movement training video test questions and answers
  • Detailed deeper discussions about body movement fundamentals


“It’s not a bunch of swing tips, it’s not a bunch of band aids, its built from the ground up, the right way, and it’s going to last for me, it’s not going to disappear tomorrow, it’s in me.”

–  Paxton Jevnick, Tathata Student, HDCP 10


How Will This Movement Training Improve My Game?


At the conclusion of your 60-Day training, you will know factually that you’ll never have to wonder should I or shouldn’t I when standing over the ball. You will know to be true, how the body moves, how the hands and arms move, and how to create pressure. You will know how the body has always moved to create world class golf movements.
And most importantly, you will know that you are trained … that you can be true to yourself and who you are, and that you can have an expectation of your own greatness “out in front.”
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