After completing Day 60 – Reflections

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  • After completing Day 60 – Reflections
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    This has been a wonderful experience for me. Though a martial arts instructor, I lacked the ability to instruct myself on how to properly swing a golf club. This course has changed how I approach the game of golf and much, much more.

    Thank you Bryan and Tathata staff. You gave me what traditional golf lessons and video could not. After a long sabbatical from golf I started playing again 4 years ago. I played poorly upon my return and made little progress season over season. I told my patient playing partners that I didn’t want to learn to lower my score by learning to play to my weaknesses. I told them I wanted to scrap my swing and learn how to swing properly. This course gave me exactly that.

    The last 60 days have been rewarding but not simple for me. I needed the 60 days plus a few more to truly feel and perform what I was seeing in this instruction.

    I now feel so different that going through this program was the only way I was going to learn what I needed to improve.

    For all that set forth on this journey, know that it is a commitment that is well worth the effort involved.

    With much respect and thanks,



    Congratulations on completing all 60 Days. We have enjoyed reading your comments and feedback here on the forum throughout the program. Enjoy the training, it’s yours to go back to if needed for as long as you choose. Feel free to re-visit any of the days/lessons you or take advantage of the 60-Day Program broken apart section under the “Grad School” menu tab.

    We look forward to your game continuing to grow and achieve the outcomes you create. The next step as a 60-Day Grad, if you choose to take, is the 2.5 Day Live Training Experience here at our headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. We look forward to the possibility of meeting you and training deeper with you at an upcoming event.

    Please continue to reach out to us if needed with questions and/or support.

    Thank you for being a part of the Tathata family!

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