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    I have been reviewing the Anatomical Review for Chapter one, movement 4.

    I find that instead of moving deeper into the glutes on the backswing I start to move forward as I approach the top.

    So on Movement 4 specifically, the Anatomical Review gives very specific information that I will practice. I do have a couple of questions, however.

    What I believe I understand: At the top of the backswing (right handed player) the right glute will be deeper than at setup. The left knee and hip will resist being pulled to the right. The left knee might even flex additionally as the knees try to separate.

    If the above is correct my questions are:

    1) does the left hip sit deeper at the top of the backswing than at setup, same, or slightly forward?

    2) Laterally from the face on view, does the left hip move towards the right or remain mostly where it started?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.




    Those are great observations and incredible questions. We are happy to see you are utilizing the chapter support.

    You are correct. At the top of the backswing (depending on the shot at hand) for the most part the right hip will sit deeper than where it was at address. The left hip will feel as though it is deeper than where it was at address but will remain roughly in the same spot.

    The left hip in this case for a stock golf shot will remain virtually in the same spot. Face on you wouldn’t see it move toward or away from the target. The left hip will feel slightly further away from the golf ball compared to where it was at setup but virtually remain in the same spot.

    Thanks Lance, please let us know if you have any other questions.


    Wonderful to read your response. I felt that my left hip and knee movement was contributing to my problem. I would see on video my left knee and hip coming forward as I rotated into my backswing.

    Because my left hip and knee moves forward and to the right in the backswing, my first move towards the target on the downswing always forces me towards the ball.

    Your clarification is greatly appreciated.

    Blue skies ahead.

    With much respect,

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