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    I have noticed that there are scattered answer videos that Bryan puts out to answer specific questions that are excellent supplements to the program – Can we please put all of his and related videas in an easy to find area that we can look at anytime rather than digging through the forums and elsewhere for them? – seem too valuable for me to just stumble upon them



    They are available to once you complete the program and program is broken apart. I believe Team Tathata is redesigning some things so maybe this will be included.

    Having completed the program, I now realize that I spent too much time trying to grasp every little thing along the way (I think it took at least 5 months). My advice is to use video along the way to evaluate body mechanics and expect the growth to continue well beyond the 60-day program.

    Hope this helps!


    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the feedback. We agree with you and have heard from many students that the student q&a videos posted from Bryan and Alex are very valuable. David is correct, in addition to enhancing the website and course software which we are extremely excited, that are a few things throughout the program and additional offerings that will be enhanced as well. Look for these in the next couple of months, but for now these videos do sit in the 60-Day Program Video Library which opens up to you once you complete the program.


    thanks! I appreciate the feedback and look forward to the enhancements

    Thanks David – I think I have been getting too bogged down with each lesson and will flow through it more easily and refine as I go but would like to complete the progran in its entirety and then focus on the areas I feel I need more help in



    Thanks David for getting me to this forum subject.

    Also, thanks Tathata staff for making the additional videos. Like David having completed the program, I find myself now enhancing my knowledge by reviewing the 60-Day Program Video Library.

    Interesting to me is that before Tathata I would watch videos and try to get my body into the positions and angles that I saw in videos. Basically, trying to hit points in a swing without understanding how to get there or if I should even want to get there.

    Now with the knowledge gained from the Tathata program, I can look at a Tathata video compared to myself and understand what I am missing in movement and pressure that prevents me from getting into the correct position. Simply then, I review that section of the program and practice the movement or pressure routine to enhance my understanding and create the correct mind to body feeling.

    Always enjoy the process. This is where true satisfaction is achieved. The results of the concerted effort is just validation of all the work that had come before.

    To quote Mohammad Ali: The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.

    Have a great day everyone.

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