Day 1 Results

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    Shot 28pts yesterday 9front 19back. The story of my game. So yes today is Day 1. Bought the program today. Watched and studied day 1 today. I get it. The essence, the 100% connectedness throughout the body and the freeing of the self 1 controlling inner voice. So I couldn’t resist and have just got back from the range. OMG!!! OK I didn’t pure-hit every shot. But the ones I did felt completely different, completely pure and authentic me. Practiced with a stock-7, my way, tathata way etc. Then the worst club in my bag 3W. Just wow… drilled like never before with varied trajectory!! I’m hooked. Day 2-60 to look forward to and then who knows, maybe my greatness will come from coaching and mentoring Tathata or just single figures childish golf. Thank you so much. Happy ‘bruce’ Lee 🙂


    Hi Lee,

    Thank you for sharing your progress with us and experience after just Day 1 of the program! We look forward to what’s ahead for you as you move throughout the rest of the program. These are great moments and also great reminders of what could be. As you move to each day of training and to the course, be open to the moments ahead being better than they have ever been before.



    Just finished Day 1 and what I noticed is I felt fatigue and pain in muscles that I never felt before. I have been playing golf almost every day the past four weeks. This tells me that I am not utilizing my potential correctly on my swings and it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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