Day 13 – Very impressed!!

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  • Day 13 – Very impressed!!
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    I am a currently a 1 handicap having been down to scratch at the end of 2015. I have always suffered from being laid off and short at the top of the backswing, then heavily from the inside on the way down requiring a flip at the bottom to save the shot followed by an upright high hands finish. It makes for a critical swing in terms of coordination and timing. When I was ‘on’ I was great, but if I was off on any given day, it would be golfing carnage!!

    I have spent hundreds of euro over the past year with pros trying to correct my issues and get my swing into a more reliable, consistent and neutral motion – all to no avail. I longed for an idea of how the correct mechanics should ‘feel’ and what drills would help me groove those feelings, but could never find any instructor who could help me. Time after time I would end up repeating identical faults.

    I took the plunge into Tathata Golf and have just finished day 13 with the first chance to do a full swing with a club. The differences are immediately obvious. With my very first full swing, I am clearly more fully loaded at the top and in-line for the first time in my life, and stay back into my glutes with my arms more on my body through impact than they have ever been – and that is just the first swing!

    I still have a lot of work ahead to ingrain Tathata into my game fully and even the following screenshots show areas where the work is still needed. But I am incredibly excited to see what lies ahead. The stretching routines are great and while the mental routines will not be everyones ‘thing’, having done meditation previously it was not an unfamiliar concept even if it is quite a different process.

    There is no doubt this program is unlike anything I have ever seen and the results, even less than a quarter of the way into the program, are obvious.

    Thanks to all at Tathata for giving me back my mo-jo for the game!



    It’s interesting that I could recreate my old swing and the Thathata swing one immediately after the other. It’s just proves how the Tathata theory of pressure in the right place at the right time can give immediate results! Tathata swing is on top:


    Hi Barry – From the screen shots that you provided your golf swing looks very impressive. It is exciting to hear your optimism for greatness as you progress through the program. One item that will be discussed in greater detail is the finish position where the glutes are squeezed together. Here is a link to a Q&A that covers this topic as part of an answer to another question: Also, Chapter 2, movement 12 (see assessment form in the chapter support tab) offers additional details. You’re already top-level player so you’ll know quickly whether or not this is something that is right for you and your swing. I would love to hear your thoughts after you have evaluated it.

    You spoke of pressure and it sounds and looks like you already have a sense of how to use it. While you didn’t post a pic of your setup position, your top-of-backswing pelvis position looks excellent (to me) from a Tathata perspective. On day 21, Bryan begins to delve deeply into Tathata pressure movements. This has been my favorite part of the program and I suspect you’ll also enjoy it.

    I you don’t mind, I would like to ask your opinion on something. You’re a far better golfer than I am, and even if you’re only 13 days into the program, I expect your knowledge of swing mechanics far exceeds mine. I would be most grateful and humbled if you would read a post of mine from two days ago and give me your thoughts about what type of drills my daughter could do so that she gets her impact position correct. We’ll be so blasted golden if we could just figure this one thing out. Here is a link to my post:




    Many thanks for your reply and compliments! I am very excited about the rest of the program and I do feel that the pressure chapter will prove to be the glue that makes everything stick for me.

    The photos above still show some of the Chapter 1 movements still require some additional work, but at least i am on the right track!

    I’ll reply to your other thread over there now – although i don’t think I am quite qualified or knowledgeable enough to be of much use!

    All the best,


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