Feet flat through surfing


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  • Feet flat through surfing
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    I am working on keeping my feet quiet and grounded through the surf to level before the heel lifts on my back foot as I go through impact and move forward and back with the follow through. I realize this happens quickly and wonder if as I try to keep all parts moving as one that I could flare the front foot more to make this movement smoother



    Feel free to flare the front foot out at much as you want at setup to help you through impact even up to 30-35 degrees. A couple things to monitor as you do this is to be sure the back foot is still turned out as well (5-10 degrees still is fine) and that you are able to perform movements 4 and 5 from the body movements routine effectively. As long as you are still able to turn your rib cage and push back into your glutes turning your front foot out even more at setup can really help you through impact.

    I hope this helps, happy training!


    I practiced this yesterday. I exaggerated my front foot flare. I did notice that, if not careful, the flare on my back foot closed. Also, I made sure my back foot remained pull back behind my front foot.

    The result was a finish that mirrored the instruction of Bryan. It was a ‘game changing’ moment. It was the first time I could swing slow or fast and the body moved in rhythm.

    Ironically, I found that my backswing was more fluid, smoother, and slower, than what I was used to feeling. I no longer felt my body tug from the top of the backswing to get the downswing started.

    Thanks for posting your question [email protected]. It has helped me.



    I’m on day 2, and completed the test, 100% correct. Just wanted to check on one aspect of the body movement. On the video, it appears that the right heel only rolls laterally a bit by impact position. Is that correct, or does it begin to come off the ground just a tad? My personal preference has always been that it merely rolls until a point after impact where it comes off the ground as a reaction to the turning motion. What is your thought on this?


    Hi Bruce,

    Great observation and question. As it relates to the Body Movements introduced in Chapter 1 for a stock 7-iron, you would be correct in assuming it rolls more than it would come up. You will notice in the Hug Through Impact movement that back heel can roll during the first half of this movement into impact and then begin to come up only near the end of this movement. You will learn later in the program how this foot can actually begin to slide through impact when enough speed is added. Even as it begins sliding though, the right heel is still on the ground before coming up as you move just out of impact. I think you will enjoy seeing this foot work as it complements the truth you already hold.

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