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  • Full Swing – Down the line
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    Good morning.

    I continue practicing and playing. My swing feels better but I still struggle with consistency. This is okay since I have had to change much to swing as this program teaches.

    There are many places in the program where I can watch a full swing, both “face on” and “up the line”. Is there any “down the line” views of the full golf swing? I just can find one in the videos and probably because the clip would be about 2 seconds long.




    Unfortunately in the program we only use the “down-the-line” view when teaching the movements from Lauren’s perspective in the Introduction to Movement Routine videos near the start of every chapter. In the Introduction to the Hand & Arm Movements Routine on days 11-13 probably have the most down-the-line footage of the golf swing when Lauren is demonstrating.

    We are currently educating Movement Specialists around the country to help you locally with your movements. We are also continuing to build other products that we look forward to sharing with all of our current students that will help each student through the 60-Day Program and beyond. Currently we offer the 2.5 Day Live Experience here at our headquarters in Scottsdale but are looking to expand our Live Training offerings as well. Unfortunately that is all the help we can offer for now in regards to this but look forward to updating you as more support videos and training opportunities become available.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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