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  • Golf Swing Video Question
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    Good morning.

    Recently I submitted a full golf swing for review. Alex, and Tathata, did an amazing job of analysis and feedback. Thank you for that.

    I am working with the items Alex discussed and his suggestions. Frustrating game at times.

    I continue to also review your video support, especially in leg work and hip turns. This is my Achilles. I struggle with moving my hips towards the ball instead of back during the downswing and into impact.

    Any chance that Tathata may consider posting a full golf swing video that is synced and shows the swing from all four sides of the body? I feel I might find it helpful in seeing when my movement diverges from the proper swing movement. One could review the proper swing in slow motion.

    I understand that I am not trying to copy the swing or hit certain points at certain times since this is an athletic movement that will vary from player to player.

    Also, my timing on getting the downswing into impact seems to vary frequently. The longer the club the worse my timing. Again, a slow motion video would allow one to see how the body dynamically switches from backswing into the downswing. Rigor Mortis might best describe how I feel during this transfer at times.

    Thanks for the program. Though my score is stagnant, I still better understand what should be happening, why it should happen, and why it works. It is that little matter of getting my body to do it that seems to be the problem.

    Lance James


    While not directly answering your questions, if you follow Alex on instagram, he has some great videos of him hitting shots. You can go to his instagram page and scroll through previous posts to find these. His swing is amazing. I like to watch his swing for inspiration and help with the visual of the moves. There are also a few clips of Loren’s swing, who is also amazing.


    Thanks for the tip Scott.


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