Hands coming closer to the body at impact

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  • Hands coming closer to the body at impact
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    I understand the concept when the hands come closer to the body at impact it pushes the club head out, but I tend to either pull the shot a lot, or slice it badly. Thoughts?


    Hey Jim! Thanks for reaching out! Keep in mind as we “snap to level” we are pushing the hands and arms down directly underneath the shoulders in front of the pecs to support club face stability, speed, and strength. If you have started Chapter 3 we would make sure you go back and reference the lessons / movements included in the pressure and impact training on days 21-30! Just like we see in any athletic striking motion, we have to make sure that we increase the pressure in the entire body into, through and out of impact to the finish. The pressure is what keeps the club face safe and “square” into and out of impact. Great job with your training Jim!


    Hey Jim, I have a similar tendency. Either I’m all arms and forget to surf, pull or I surf and leave the arms behind and slice. Pressurising the key body parts to establish and enjoy synchronisity so the body moves together is the key. When it happens it feels effortless. Not to mention these essential small but important body movements.

    Good Luck
    Lee (UK – Sussex)

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