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    I just played my first round since starting the training. I finished chapter 11 (intro to hands and arms)and later in the day played 18. I hit several iron shots out on the toe which resulted in high and weak cuts, with one shot pretty harsh to the right. Also hit several bad slices with the driver, which is not typical. Prior to training, my bad shots were pulls to left. Intitial thought was the change in grip, as the grip used in the training is different than what I’m used to. Wanted to see if there were any suggestions out there. Thanks.


    Hey Jeff! Thanks for reaching out, great job with your training so far. It’s important to understand right now in your training you are learning a lot of material, in most cases entirely new and for the first time so yes there can be moments of inconsistency as it relates to ball striking. We would suggest that you do your best at separating / compartmentalizing your training from your “playing.” Use the time when you train to really focus on the finite details and use the time on the course to focus on playing from your heart center. As you continue to train your movements find strength in knowing they will blend into your game seamlessly. Keep in mind as it relates to the grip, we are setting up your grip so you can build equal strength and leverage between both palms. Although there is nothing wrong with your “old” grip, as you build these movements into your motion, the grip you are learning will help you increase leverage into the strike. These movements are designed to help you keep the club between your arms and in front of your body. Much more will be revealed in the days and chapters ahead. Your journey is only just beginning Jeff, we are smiling knowing where you are going.


    Hi Jeff. Mixing the training / course with playing is hard. Expectations are high, you may have specific problems you want to focus on / fix. You might be hoping for some quick results. My best advice is to forget about handicaps / scores / results and just enjoy the course, the fresh air, the company and that moment when beyond your previous experience you have a magical moment. Something new you’ve not experienced before. It might only happen once a round at first on on one shot. But see these as part of the process of where you are going …. Good Luck and keep us posted how you are getting on.

    Lee (UK-Sussex)


    Thank you Lee! I appreciate the advice and will take it to heart. I knew that after my first round I’d be trying to quantify my results versus my expectations. Thanks for the feedback.


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