Hooking my shot.

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  • Hooking my shot.
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    I am on Chapter 15 and went out golfing the other day. I felt like I was making good contact, but a majority of my shots went left or hooked.(FYI I am right handed). Any idea on what I am doing wrong or how to correct this.


    Check your surf to level – if you right hip or right knee is kicking torwards the ball you will have a tendency to come over the top. OTT plus a closed face will cause pulls. Coming too much from the inside plus a closed face will give you a hook.

    I find with me that my hooks come in when I stall out at impact and the arms come off the body. This will roll the club face over through the hitting area. If I roll the face early I get a hook, if I roll the face late I get a push.

    See how it goes as you adapt to the new motion and see what happens after Chapter 3 when you start to apply pressures to your swing.


    Nice explanation Les.


    Not one to give advice, or for that matter receive it, but I had the same hook problem. Took a video and it was my set up, with my right foot back my body was compensating and my shoulders were pointing to the left. Once I straighten out the shoulders ball flight was true. Hope this helps

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