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    Ideally is it better to suspend actually playing golf while completing the 60 day Program so you are not mixing the good with the bad. Or can you continue playing, gradually incorporating your new movements as you progress thru the program.


    I have been playing from the very beginning and been incorporating the movements into my swing. I am striking the ball better than ever before. I am now on Day 45 and I would say that I now have a “Tathata Swing”.



    Great question. It’s completely up to you and what your preference is, we support users choosing to continue to play or maybe not even touch a golf club during the training. No way is more right or wrong than the other.

    We have heard from various 60-Day Program members on this specific topic and found that there’s a mix of both. We have seen that users who choose to play and hit balls a little less during the program on average have been experiencing great progress and quicker improvement with the movements. But as you see here with Dirk, he has continued to play throughout the training and has seen incredible improvement — Thanks for sharing Dirk!

    Feel free to experiment with both ways and see what works best for you!

    Thank you for the question. I hope this helps.


    I have discovered, from my personal flaws, that playing or practice with no club is better than using the practice range when trying to work on swing changes. I get stuck on the range thinking too hard and when things aren’t right I get confused.

    That being said, I am on day two, have a handicap of 18, been trying to get this swing thing right for years, and finally feel I am part of a method to get it right.

    The practice without a club for the last two days feels more productive and understood than the countless hours I have spent trying everything else.

    I have watched Day 1 twice and Day 2 once. No shortcuts or quick fixes this time. Just sound principles and methodical practice.



    Working on my wedge game with some new found power and a grip adjustment. Due to a blister, I had to switch to an overlap grip from an interlock and now prefer it. With proper pressure, it actually feels like I am breaking bricks at impact…really cool! I finally have the shot shape and trajectory under control, now just to recalibrate distance with the extra shots in the bag. Thanks Bryan!

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