TELL TATHATA | How many days has it taken you to get to this point? What type of training schedule has seemed to work better for you through the program to this point?

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  • TELL TATHATA | How many days has it taken you to get to this point? What type of training schedule has seemed to work better for you through the program to this point?
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    Has taken 52 days to get to Day 41. Essentially doing every day except golfing days and Thanksgiving holiday week. With Christmas season upon us expect to complete early January.


    Not sure exactly when I started. Some days I two or three training sessions. This whole program is terrific. I’m 75 and my left hip was replaced two+ years ago so I can’t do the stretches that require moving my legs straight up against my chest and I wouldn’t say it’s easy to get into a perfect crescent finish position. Even so I have picked up distance and accuracy. The putting method has cured all my putting problems. One of my friends asked me if I had seen a putting psychologist. I’m having the most difficulty with the 25-50-75 yard shot part of the training. I’ve never tried hitting a bunker shot with the handle down. I tried it today without ever practicing out of a bunker and was startled at how well it worked. Golf is fun again and it will be easier to shoot my age more often. Thanks


    I am on day 42 after getting the program early November. I seem to do about 4 or 5 classes a week and work in the stretching movement training three times per week. I have done light stretching for several years and the Tathata program is still a challenge! Do the best i can and convinced I will get better at the routine the more I practice… Thanks as always for this training.


    Thank you for taking time to share your feedback, the Tathata staff enjoys hearing your comments.

    Rick, sounds like moving at an incredible pace. Thank you for the time and energy you are putting into the training.

    David, awesome to hear about the improvement you are having! An increase in distance and more accuracy is always great to have. Love how you have absorbed the short game and putting sections, that will go a long way with your game and score as you know.

    Jonathan, great pace as well. I’m glad you are enjoying it. For additional stretching support (if you haven’t already seen it), please visit your chapter support for the video on stretching or go here: Enjoy!

    Thank you all for being a part of the Tathata family!


    I am on Day 16 of Tathata training. It has taken 18 days to get here. I find that if I stay at work and do the routines in my office allows me to focus much more easily than doing it at home. There are too many distractions at home between my children and the regular nightly routine we have.


    Thanks for the feedback Jonathan, sounds like you are moving right along! The office is a great place to train.

    Thank you for the time and energy you are putting into the training.



    It has taken me 100 days to reach day 40. This was a good pace for me which included some 30 rounds of golf and several workout days. I had / have lots to learn and adjust to but also want to say that I have not seen anything that I did not understand or could not manage. If there is anywhere I have difficulty (besides executing some physical movements) it is this idea of out in front. I have been a mechanic for 40+ years and it’s hard to break away but to my delight I am getting there. Ray A


    Just finished Day 40 and I am pretty close to 40 calendar days since I started. Haven’t missed more than a few days and there have been one or two days where I doubled up.


    Completed 40 lessons in 21 days. Living in the northeast, we cannot play and all free time is dedicated to this training. Looking forward to the short game segment. Determined to drop from 3 to scratch in 2017.



    Completed 49 days in 18 days. Winter weather has permitted me to focus on several sessions each day. Really enjoy the insights gained from this and particularly appreciate the concept of energy out front. Powerful. Really looking forward to applying on the course and in life.


    Same deal here as David. Can’t do much outside. Completed the program in 36 days. Much looking forward to Spring.



    DAy 43 in 49 days


    It has taken me 32 days to get to Chapter 5. I generally do one lesson per day and then double up when the lesson is a test or a greatest player review as those lessons are generally not very physical. I will be working on a daily training schedule to put in place once I am completed with the course. It will probably include daily stretching, strength/speed module twice a week, and one of the chapter modules for the other days of the week along with training either at the range or on the course.


    23 days to reach Day 50. I try to do two at least two per day which works well for me. Also helps there is snow on the ground!


    I subscribed Dec 30 2016 I just completed day 41. It didn’t seem that I had missed that many days. I like to go out to the course or range every now and then to see how it works when I’m actually trying to hit a ball. So far I’m very pleased. My muscle memory is getting there. I wish there was something on the longer clubs.


    It has taken me 75 days to get to day 44. It was slow going at the start but once I was able to get a routine things moved quicker. Doing one lesson a day in the afternoon has worked for me. Sometimes to catch up I’ll do one in the morning and one in the afternoon but I generally only do this on occasional weekends. As a student, I don’t have time to do any training in the morning and I’ll use Tathata as a break when doing homework.


    nearly 4 months to get to day 48. i don’t know that any ‘schedule’ per se has worked better/worse. i get to it when i can. though i must say that as the pieces come together more and more i have a greater appetite for moving forward.

    there are some days that i don’t do a lesson, but almost everyday i do the stretching routine. and sometimes i’ll do a full swing routine as well.

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