TELL TATHATA | How many days has it taken you to get to this point? What type of training schedule has seemed to work better for you through the program to this point?

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  • TELL TATHATA | How many days has it taken you to get to this point? What type of training schedule has seemed to work better for you through the program to this point?
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    Thank you for all of the great feedback and comments. It’s fun to read the different schedules and experiences this far into the training, great job with all of the effort and energy you are putting into the training. Thank you for being a part of the Tathata family!


    I’ve made it to day 41 in 30 plus days. This has been an incredible experience.
    I feel like my swing will be mine forever. I’ve played 3-9s and 1-18 and have seen dramatic
    improvement and confidence. I’ve experienced playing “without thought” and cant wait to do it again.
    Really excited about Chapter 5 and the short game. Thanks Brian and staff! You’ve validated swing
    thoughts/sensations I’ve experienced of many years of golf but have never really been able to
    repeat on a regular basis. With Tathata golf I’m sure I can. I really think your concepts will
    revolutionize the way golf is instructed !



    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us and the rest of Team Tathata! We are smiling with you, awesome to here you are enjoying the experience and are seeing improvement on the course as well!

    One of the reasons the 60-Day Program was developed was to answer once and for all the questions we have all had or have to this day about our own golf swing, have a sense of “Who You Are” and “Where You Are Going.” We are happy that through the training you were able to validate your some of your own thoughts.

    Thank you again for sharing!


    I think I am 30 days into program and just finished watching Day 43 (putting / Full). Can’t wait to get to course to practice the putting concepts learned. I can already sense improvement coming. This could very well be the most important part of the program for me. I lose a lot of strokes putting due to 3 putts and missed short putts. I’ve practiced indoors almost every day since getting the program. Now that weather is improving here, I would expect to move outdoors with great enthusiasm to see what’s out in front of me.


    Thank your sharing Joel! This is awesome, keep us updated on your progress and let us know if there is anything we can do to further support you. Feel free to use the forum, our support email ([email protected]) or any of our additional training support options online or here at our facility.


    I’m on day 50, and I started about 70 days ago. I am 65 with a 5.9 index. The movements for the full swing have helped me the most, and I am longer on my shots and more consistent. Thanks very much. I shot a 75 about 10 days ago hitting 15 greens, and I was thrilled but unable to repeat. Perhaps the deeper discussion on day 49 would have been helpful for me then. I have had problems with the yips on chipping and putting. The anxiety is still there, but it is better. I frequently close my eyes while putting which significantly smooths out my strokes. I have no ACL and moderate damage in my right knee which has made some of the stretching exercises and pressure movements difficult. However I have observed that the knee is doing better with the exercises, and I am able to do some of the movements now that I was unable to do before. I live in NW Phoenix and feel the need to have a lesson after completion of the program as I would like some feedback on my swing. Overall I feel that Tathata training is great.


    Great to hear all of the different types of training schedules, as some of you have already mentioned there is no right or wrong pace or schedule to going through each lesson. Feel free to make it your own, if you feel drawn to watch 1 or more days multiple times that is absolutely perfect. This is your time to train and to answer the questions you have about your swing once and forever.

    Thank you for being here with us!


    I started late February and have completed day 48. I was improving a little each month as I went through each chapter but cannot do some exercises due to knee surgeries. The chipping and putting routines last week just transformed my game to another level. I finally realized and felt what pressurizing the arms when chipping means. The same with putting. I practiced chipping and putting as described last week, while completely abandoning my old style, and had a round of golf that was incredible. I one putted 8 holes while chipping the best ever, getting close to the pin. I had to go back to the pressure routines and review over. I found the Chapter 4 Support Topics and the videos extremely educational. I’ll have to review further what else I missed in these support topics. I played the round looking forward and had three straight pars to start the round, had a birdie and hit many greens in regulation. I had trouble sustaining this after the 14th and faltered a little but am more confident in knowing why after chapter 48. I am looking forward to practicing the pressure routines and playing again and shooting my best round ever. Thanks Tathata for the support topics and the extra effort you provide to explain these movements in detail. I recommend the Support Topics to everyone.


    Thank you Alfred for your feedback and comments. It’s great to hear about your success on the golf course and that you have enjoyed the short-game section, as well as found the support topics and materials really helpful.

    We look forward to your next moments and shots on the golf course continuing to be better than they have ever been.

    Thank you for all of the time you are putting into your training!


    I just finished lesson 40 and it’s probably taken four months due to travel schedule and lots of teaching. My game has improved SO much!! I’m very excited to begin the short game portions.


    Awesome John! Keep us updated on your progress, enjoy the short game and remaining days of the program!


    Day 48 after about 35 days. Since I’m in the middle of golf season I really pushed on the first 3 chapters to get through the inevitable challenge of being partially trained. I’m an 8 handicap and did have some wild days on the course between chapters 1 and 2, but I decided to resist the temptation to abandon ship on the training and see it through. It is really paying off. I finally feel like I have a sound approach to golf that will hold up and last after years of chasing tweaks, secrets and fixes.


    Wow, thank you John for your honesty and willingness to stay with the training! We’re glad that you are enjoying it and seeing results that are true to you and your needs. Enjoy the rest of your training and the results that you are seeing!


    I’m on day 43, having started out some 45 days ago!
    In the 1st couple of weeks, I practiced on the range less than usual, in fact hardly at all, and in some ways this helped as I was learning the fundamental moves.
    I then started to take the learning to the range and to the course, occasionally surprising myself with the better dispersion and the quality of some of the strikes!
    The last week has been more difficult, seeing little if any improvement on the course. I have however managed the potential frustration by reminding myself that I am on a journey and that I have every reason to have confidence that things will come together in time. I also appreciate that I can’t take the mechanics onto the course but have to switch to seeing the shot I want and letting it happen!


    Thank you Andrew for sharing! Yes, enjoy the process. Know these fundamentals are building and the energy you bring to them is just as important!


    For various personal reasons it took me 1 year to get to day 43. With that said I kept applying what I had learned and found it very easy to A) continue the progression when I resumed training and B) not lose what I learned previously. I didn’t feel like I regressed and have found that even with large time gaps in training or playing I am more consistent with my ball striking round to round. Also love what pressure has shown me. I instinctively applied this to my putting stroke even before learning it in the putting lessons and found immediate improvement and loss of the yips !!!!!!!.

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