Misses are narrowing, greatness is appearing…

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  • Misses are narrowing, greatness is appearing…
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    Popped out on to the course last night in the misty drizzle in East Sussex, UK. Threw a ball down at the 150 on our 7th par 5. 3rd shot approach 8i to the green. Stepped up to the ball and I pulled it pin high. This has become a nornaml miss. My assessment is I didn’t surf to level. 2nd shot I hit fat. My assessment is that my body position at impact is forward and I’m striking down but too early. I move the ball back in my stance slightly and think about my left ear aligning with the ball. 3rd attempt was a Shhhhhhhh. Yes on of those. Everything in the body seemed early and grip pressure was vague. I been establishing these as my misses. Pull left, Fat or Shhhhhh. I move on to the next hole, 8th a short par 4. I want to hit a mid iron into the green again so I take a 6i off the tee. I step up to the ball. I hit a pure sounding, staight iron shot, one of the best I recall hitting to just short of the 150 leaving a slightly up hill shot. I take a 7i and do the same again! Crisp, swosh, holding he cresent finish. I move to the next hole 9th, longer par 4 dog leg left. I do the same again with a 3i off the tee and a 6i to the heart of the green. Even more special as I added a perfect draw. I did the same on the next a par 5 and teeing off on the short par 4 11th. I was in heaven. I’ve never hit back to back shots as pure as this hole after hole. Then I get an awkward lie. Ball below the feet. and on the next ball above. Again the fat shot creeps in as I try to engineer something different to cope with the lie. After several failed attempts a longer club and shorter half swing solve the puzzle.

    These seem to be my only misses with my mid long irons, thanks to my Tathata training and I have effective solutions for each of them to work on and embed into my ‘greatness’.

    That just leaves putting and driving …. back to the programme.

    Lee, Sussex, UK.


    Hit more shanks on today’s round. Something is out of sink. Anyone have any experience or cure?


    Hi Lee! Thank you for keeping us updated on your progress. It sounds like you are beginning to answer the questions for yourself of why a certain shot is produced. The training program is always there to return when we need refreshers.

    For any shank/hosel shots, without actually seeing how your body is moving, please refer to the video below from Alex who addressed this same miss with another student. As far as for uneven lies, we have some new content coming in the next few weeks that will include uneven lies and how to adjust our body to the different type of lies we get on the golf course.

    Surfing with Strength

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