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  • Not happening yet….
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    I have every confidence that I will improve and enjoy the Tathata way of golf. So far, I’m going backward and have had two miserable rounds. My index is 10.5 and I have not broken 90. I am on Day 18. My last round had me feeling like I am “getting it” on holes 15 thru 18. We’ll see. Thoughts?


    Hi Steve.

    Don’t focus on the score but the process. You probably have mastered hitting the ball with the technique you have honed.

    Unless you already strike the ball as it is taught in this program you have to relearn how to move your body. Your body will want to revert to habits built over years. You are in training mode and have to let the process reshape how you move.

    I feel your frustration but I am on Day 53 and so much has changed for me. My hopes are you will experience the same elevation of play.

    Don’t get discouraged. You came to this program to improve and I believe you will. My sense of relaxation and understanding of the swing alone is worth the price of admission.

    Wishing you much success.


    Thank you Lance for taking time to reply. I appreciate your insight and your advice to stay the course. I thought my past experience as a low 80s player would accelerate my learning and improvement. It may be in my way, so I’ll keep an open mind. Thanks again.



    Thank you for reaching out. Like Lance mentioned, some of the movements may be different than some of your previous patterns and may take a bit for these motions to come together. Fortunately Chapter 3, (Days 21-30) is usually where the different movements start to come together for students. The pressure movements and routine introduce you to the benefits of utilizing pressure throughout your motion and also dive into more detail about the movement of the weight on the feet and a few more movements involving the hands, arms and body together. I would encourage you to be open to the change and improvement that waits ahead for you in Chapter 3.

    The Speed and Strength Movements in Chapter 4 and Short Game Movements in Chapter 5 often further help students with the learning from Chapters 1 and 2 as well. Sorry you haven’t experienced the improvement you would like yet and have even struggled a bit. Get through a majority of chapter 3 and reach back out to us if you are still struggling to put it together and we can try to address specific issues you are experiencing.

    Thank you and happy training.


    Have completed day 31, feeling great about the program — until I played a full round today. First time hitting balls or playing in a month. The best description of the round would be complete and total disaster. Driver was a nightmare– misses in both directions.
    I think there is a weak link in the training so far in that everything about the motions is different when you are actually swinging a club. Especially the transition area. Easy to apply pressure in the backswing but very unclear how to change directions in the downswing. This feels more unclear the longer the club is, particularly with the driver.
    I am having trouble motivating myself for the commitment to 29 more lessons after the inability to transfer what I have learned in the previous 31 lessons to the golf course.



    Hi James,

    Thank you for reaching out and taking the time to share your feedback. Often times students going through the program assume that the training should be taken in all at once, when in fact they already have greatness within them and may just need some reminding of how to use or bring it out. As you continue to train you will move past mechanical thoughts the same way you’ve moved passed your mechanical thoughts of how to drive a car but for the time being lets create a way for you to better utilize the program moving forward. Students that submit a swing to us, find out not just what they do a little off in places but are also made aware of where their golf swing is great as well. This allows for assurance and safety moving forward throughout the program.

    Here is a direct link to the Online Live Training page, where you will locate the Swing Submittal option:

    Thank you James, we look forward to seeing your swing and providing you feedback!


    Hi Jamas,
    I have faced the same problem with my tathata swing, my irons are generally ok, but I now fade and slice my driver , which I have not ever done before.
    My feelings are that this way is fine for compressing the ball, but does not address the totally different swing required for a driver. I have started to do everything slower and later in the takeaway and backswing, and trying to get a much bigger turn – hopefully this will work ?!
    By the way I play off a 6 handicap, have a best gross of 1 under, and hoped to get to a catagory 1 player, will keep trying.
    Did you carry on training, and did things improve ?



    The fact that some of you are not seeing results blows my mind. I just started chapter 2. The body movement that you learn in chapter 1 are awesome and it gives you great ways to think about each move. The drawing back not turning, to load in the take away (awesome). Then to start the downswing with the surfing motion from the ground up (spot on) not to mention having the perfect stance each time i address the ball. My ball striking with irons and the driver increase before I was through chapter one. The mental training is where this really happens I expected to play better when I went to the course. I had already shot a better round of golf before my 1st tee shot. I hope you guys get the best results possible for you. Just one word of advice you can not just watch the videos you have to do the exercise to get this stuff ingrained in your head so it becomes natural.


    I am also having issues after 26 days. I am not easily able to take the learning to the practice tee and to the course. I understand the movements and think I do each one reasonably well. But my downswing takes three-tenths of a second and trying to incorporate the sequence of all these movements and properly pressurize the swing and so forth all in three-tenths of a second is a huge lift for me. It is one thing to know the movements and positions but quite another to string them together into a flow that propels the ball properly AND reliably. It works quite well sometimes but at any moment I can hit it fat, thin, pull it right, push it left, hook it or slice it. I stand over the ball and I am not confident in what kind of a shot is going to come along. I plan to keep at it but at this moment I have yet to experience success; far from it. I am 70 years old and have been playing the game for 60 years. My handicap today is 17.



    I am currently on day 35 of the program and I have to admit I’m struggling with consistency, we are currently just coming off winter mats and I am now off grass for the first time, played 10 holes today with some mixed results mainly the issue was shanking the ball, I did hit a couple of really good shots with my irons but a higher percent was shanked, driver is ok I must but the irons and I’ve always hit my irons quite well were pretty bad.

    Can you offer some help and advice please?



    Pete, we’re glad we were able to assist you on the forum topic titled “Inconsistency” and through direct email communication. Thank you for your interest in signing up for a swing submittal, we look forward to reviewing and providing you feedback!

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