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    Anyone consider combining the training with a set of one length irons…built around the length, weight and lie of a seven iron?


    Are those sets readily available or only special made? Which club maker did Bryson sign with (was it Cobra)?


    Cobra has two sets out…one forged for the better player, and another set which are game-improvement…Sterling also has a set designed by Tom Wishon, who has been promoting the idea for a while…you are right…Bryson DeChambeau’s success has spurred the idea on…I just thought that with the training designed around a club of seven iron length and the one length set also designed around a seven iron, there was a kind of convergence…


    i just received a set of the Cobra one length. ordered graphite. they might be too light.


    I’m seriously considering a set in Steel…let me know how you like them…


    Does Tathata golf have a position on one length irons vs various length?


    I’ve been considering getting a set as well, probably the Cobra forged ones. I’m curious as to Tathata’s take on it as well. It seems like the idea of one length would fit in well with the training.


    I ordered a set of the Cobra one length irons…the more game improvement version…I’ll let you know how they perform…


    Hi Team Tathata,

    Our founder Bryan Hepler played one year of competitive golf with single length golf clubs to test this very idea. He found it very difficult to create the appropriate amount of spin as one gets closer to the green. Also this is far from a new idea in the industry. Tommy Armour sold single length golf clubs in the 1930s. However if someone finds that they are playing their best golf utilizing single length golf clubs we would not take that away from them. Thank you for that question.


    The late great Tommy Armour. My dearest old Dad learnt from his book in the the 60’s – Play your best golf all of the time. I inherited it when I started playing as a junior and still have it today. A great champion golfer and one of the best coaches of his day. A very very rare combination.

    Lee (uk)


    I am amazed by the clarity of understanding and simplicity of understanding experienced from the information in these training videos. I play with the Sterling one length irons. After being fitted with an awesome club maker I played some of the best golf of my life, shooting several 2 over and one even par round. However, I did not like the ball flight of the 6 & 5 irons. So my set is 7-pw, I have the Volkey GW, SW & LW plus a 4 & 2 rescue.
    After working through the first 10 sessions of Tathata Golf I played 9 holes with a friend and shot 1 under. Needless to say I was ecstatic. One step that has helped me is to do the movement drills at the range and then try the motion while hitting shots. It has shortened the application process.
    Stephen Maryland


    The best single length irons are the Tom Wishon Sterling irons for anyone wondering and I have been using the Tathata Golf method with single length irons with tremendous success. Yes the wedges are the most difficult to adapt to. I find that they go too high. I am not sure I understand the spin issues as you get closer to the green…


    Robert, I absolutely agree with the Sterling irons being an awesome experience that simplified my approach to playing very good golf. However, my challenge was different because I kept my lob, sand and gap wedges but my fitter reshafted and cut all three to be the same length.
    I did not however, like the lower ball flight of the 6 & 5 irons. So we found traditional 6 & 5 irons and the correct shafts that produced the ball flight that matched the 7 iron’s.
    The advantage with the Tathata Golf program is that it is taught from a 7 iron perspective. Serious advantage.

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