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    I’m on day 21 and want a clarification. When Bryan refers to pressure in the swing going from 1-8, is that referring to grip pressure or “downward”pressure. I think he is talking about “downward” but I am confused.


    Ken – Yes, I believe grip pressure is included but it certainly isn’t the only thing as the the increasing pressure comes from within and is part of our athleticism. As you are likely aware, this is an area where Tathata is different from most of traditional golf instruction, which often emphasizes light grip pressure.

    I’m taking my daughter through the program and she is on day 29 now. Learning about the program’s extensive focus on pressure has been enlightening and I have enjoyed it. While there are obviously a lot of excellent players that don’t use pressure like this, I do think there is a legit benefit to having it increase throughout the body. As you move further along, I think you’ll enjoy this chapter, also.

    As a side note, here are a few supplemental discussions/videos about pressure that you may find helpful:


    Right wrist through impact

    hand and arms coming across the body

    (Scroll down to watch video made for Gregory)

    I hope this helps!

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