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    Doesn’t pressure creates tension? And tension is something we want to avoid right? You want to be certain, but without building pressure (and tension) in the arms.


    Paul – Perhaps this link below will help. Feel free to post back if you have additional questions or comments.



    Hey guys, re pressure in the hands, arms, arms pits etc it is possible to create pressure by pulling hands apart whilst gripping tight, or pushing hands together. I find it easier to get the pressure and lift the ribs, push back into the glutes etc with the former, but which is correct. Thanks, Steve Barker Manchester, England.


    Steve – I’m not sure it is either of those. My understanding is that certain parts of each hand (e.g. the bottom three fingers of the front hand) will increase in grip pressure chest (with pressure increasing in core (see previous videos on this)) and arms draw back (while the arms are pushing away from the chest). Watch the three videos that link above will guide you to and let me know what you think.


    Thanks David. That was helpful. Regards, Steve

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