TELL TATHATA | How has the pressure scale impacted your swing and training as it relates to speed and stability through impact?

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  • TELL TATHATA | How has the pressure scale impacted your swing and training as it relates to speed and stability through impact?
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    I would like to take the time to tell you how excited I am so far through this portion of the program. The pressure series really brought it all together. I relate it to when I played hockey through most of my life how natural it was to maintain those same pressure points through a slapshot, that is if you wanted to stay on two thin blades and keep your butt off the ice. I’m surprised I didn’t translate it to golf. I have to say because of the way bryan has broken it down and explained it so fundamentally, as he mentioned the light bulbs will go off and you will be able to maintain that great speed & stability through impact and beyond. I’m smiling thinking how I and all the other students, if they stay with the program will have the same feeling. Have a great day. Martin.



    Thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re glad to hear that the Pressure portion of the training really resonated with you and what you’ve already been introduced to in hockey.

    We are smiling with you and look forward to hearing more from you as you move throughout the rest of your training.


    I just finished day 27 and have for the first time in a long time felt myself staying in my angles. I am 69 years old and have been fighting to keep my buttock down and not standing up during my swing. I feel that the pressure training and the feeling of sitting back in during my swing has increased my speed and stability. Went out yesterday and shot my first sub 90 ever on a course I usually shoot in the low 100’s. Am looking forward to my greatness. Larry T.



    Incredible, thank you for your sharing your feedback and how the training is becoming a part of your game as you are already seeing great improvement on the course. We are smiling with you and we love your words, “Am looking forward to my greatness.”

    Thank you Larry for being a part of Tathata, we look forward to the moments ahead being better than they’ve ever been before.


    Although we have not gotten to chipping at this time I have used the pressure of 2 to 9 in my chipping and it has really improved. Also my driver and iron play has improved in direction and distance as well as confidence.



    Yes you will hear more about this in Chapter 5. It’s awesome to hear that the use of pressure is already improving your full swing and chipping motions. Thank you for sharing, we’re excited for what’s ahead for you and your game!



    I am afraid I am struggling with the pressure section. I think I don’t understand the difference between pressure and tension. I am hitting the ball considerably shorter right now that even the last chapter. I am really looking forward to the rest of the journey, though. Please tell me that light at the end of the tunnel is not a train!


    Hi Roy,

    Incredible question! The light at the end of the tunnel is not a train. If you are comfortable responding here, tell us a little bit about your golf game. What kind of handicap are you currently carrying? How far do you typically hit a stock 7 iron today and how does that differ from how far you were hitting your 7 iron during the last chapter? If you would prefer to email us this information you may reach us at



    My handicap is a 5.2. I am a very strong scorer, not such a strong ball-striker. A lot of that is probably because I have read every book from Hogan, Leadbetter, Tiger, Haney and had many golf lessons over the years. I am 48 and very excited to depend on ONE very CLEAR strategy for swinging the club for the rest of my golfing days.

    I have lost 30 yards on my driver – 275 down to 245 for the past 2 rounds. A couple of high big push-fades to the neighboring fairway. But, even a couple of drives that I caught on the screws are noticeably shorter much to the delight of my playing partners.

    My short irons have lost maybe 5%. My 10% loss has been in the driver, 3 wood, 3 hybrid and 4-iron. On a launch monitor at a local indoor practice facility, my ball speed has dropped about 6-10 mph with my driver.

    Any tips would be appreciated, although, I am by no means panicking. I have always suffered a bit before being able to make an improvement.

    Thanks for the offer to help sort it out.


    Thank you Roy for this information and for also reaching out to us via email. I am glad we were able to connect with you and provide additional support throughout your training.


    Just finished lesson 21 – introduction to pressure; most profound single class I have ever taken in setting of prior instruction. Pressure adjustments allow easier attainment of previously instructed positions with more fluidity of the swing. You suggested we smile with the knowledge of the importance of pressure in the lesson – I was already giddy with the profound sense of its importance in the motion of the golf swing


    Pressure is a totally new concept in my life. I can stand on one foot better in the shower. I now know that I stood on my right leg not my foot on my take away before this course. There was nothing going on with my left hip before this training. I was a good hip rotator I guess and was always falling forward after impact.

    Taking the daily lessons are the highlight of my day. The mental training and sitting with feet and body pressurized has eliminated tingly feet during the evening. Back doesn’t ache at all anymore. Swing is looking better but ways to go. After all going from “relaxed” to building pressure is such a great feeling when done correctly. So much more balanced throughout. The swing speed seems to be faster. Look forward to more days of training!!!!!!! Terry


    I’m still struggling a little with having so much pressure in the body in the follow through. It makes sense to me at impact, but it seems you would want to release it afterwards. BTW, I always questioned the notion that your arms and hands need to be relaxed through impact for maximum speed. Any pictures of the pros at impact show their forearm muscles taut and their veins bulging. Hmmmmm.

    I found I was creating too much pressure too soon in the backswing. To correct that I went to the finish position and created a “9” and then worked backwards through the swing to calibrate what a “4” should feel like in the backswing. Might be helpful for others.

    I have tried it all; One Plane, Two Plane, Stack and Tilt, Rotary Swing, etc. etc. I purposely did not touch a club for a month prior to beginning this program. (Since it’s winter here in the Northeast that wasn’t a big sacrifice.) I am on Day 24 and have not hit an actual golf ball yet. My hope is that by being disciplined with the program, I will have a new foundation that my old habits can’t corrupt when the time comes.

    There is no question that this is the most comprehensive, well thought out program out there. Of course, that wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t based on thorough scrutiny of how the greats play the game! Can’t want for Spring!


    I am struggling a bit with the pressure being a 4/5 in my backswing. I am a 62 year old male with limited flexibility. In order to complete the backswing, I feel the need to exert maximum pressure in my arms, hands, and shoulders. I find that I exert much more pressure than 4/5 when I throw a punch (more like 9). Can you help me understand what the proper pressure should be in my upper body when I am at the top of my swing. Am I overdoing the backswing? How should I deal with this perceived contradiction?

    Thanks in advance for the support.



    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for this question. We have just answered a question very similar to this from a student asking about the pressure in the arms to the top of the swing. To view this topic and the video response from Bryan, the founder, you may go here:

    Thank you Paul, enjoy.


    Hi Paul,

    Here is another video we have filmed recently that may also help answer your question about having the proper pressure in the upper body when building the backswing.

    Student Q & A: Building pressure in the backswing in relation to arms

    Thank you and enjoy!


    I have a question. Has Bryan ever had the opportunity to confirm with Jack, Tiger, Greg, Gary or any of the other living players his observations on their use of pressure throughout the swing? Most all of the other things being taught can be visually confirmed (as demonstrated by the greatest player videos), but I would love to know how they react to Tathata’s teachings on pressure throughout the swing.

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