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  • Pressure Throughout Swing
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    Hi, I am currently on Day 29 and have been struggling with the increase of pressure through the swing. I have found myself trying to consciously feel and think about the different parts of my body needing to be pressurized to certain levels at each part of the swing. As I do this, I’m thinking even more about the actual parts of my swing and trying to hit those pressure levels and I’m losing the concept of thinking out in front and playing golf. I’m seeing the most issues with my longer clubs and find I’m pressurizing to soon and my body seems to be very tense by the time I reach the impact zone, which is cause shots to go all over the place and sometimes even topping the ball. I’m not sure how to feel things differently without trying to relax more, but that would seem to cause me to then lose the pressure and contradict the concepts. Any help in better understanding the implementation of gradually pressuring the body would be great.

    Thank you!


    j p

    I would also like help in getting the correct feel for the increase in pressure during the swing. I feel comfortable with level 2 and 3 but not sure after that point.


    Hi Joshua. I’m sure the tathata team will reply. Of all the teachings in this program, pressure is by far the newest concept to grasp for me. I practice throwing a ball in terms of pressure. Or hitting a 52 out of long rough or a long bunker shot. Where there is additional resistence where the pressure adds some feeling to tell outcome. Even chopping logs helps me with the sensation of adding and increasing pressure. It’s a work in progress for me. But a concept the makes perfect sense to me.


    I like to think of pressure as another way to describe acceleration – we start slow and build to maximum acceleration and velocity past the ball. If we relax into the strike then we lose that acceleration and then lose control of the club face.

    Even something as simple as tossing a ball if you notice in the follow through you have more pressure in your arm and hand then at the start. It is building up to a maximum point beyond your release point (for a toss) or beyond the impact area when hitting a ball.


    Joshua, this is a great question! Thank you everyone for your comments and thoughts here.

    Please see the following videos that Bryan has filmed regarding a deeper explanation of understanding Pressure and how it builds in the swing. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

    Student Q & A: Pressure vs. Tension

    Student Q & A: Building pressure in the backswing in relation to arms

    Student Q & A – Tempo vs. Pressure to the Finish of the Golf Swing


    Thank you, these videos made a lot of sense.

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