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  • Return to Tathata program and golf
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    I had completed the Tathata Program over the winter of 2015 & 2016. I enjoyed every aspect of it but just couldn’t get my hips to stop thrusting towards the target line on the downswing. Needless to say I hooked a bunch or pulled dead left. My enjoyment of the game was lost on the realization that I was stuck being a high handicap player since nothing worked for me.

    In the back of my mind I always thought the Tathata Program was the perfect instruction for learning the proper swing and never needing to question issues again. I never felt otherwise.

    I have been using a personal trainer, developing overall fitness, for several months now and discovered weaknesses in my left side glutes. She has been working to correct this as well as strengthening my core.

    I decided to start playing golf again. So, I got online and watched Day 14 Hip turn discussion and all of Day 20. I needed the refresher to ensure I had a positive start on my goal of improving my golf game.

    I don’t remember if it was during the Hip Turn discussion or during the Day 20 video, buy Bryan mentions, paraphrasing, keeping the abdominals tight. If I heard this previously when doing the program, it didn’t make an impact on me. This time it rang a clear bell in my mind.

    I had been so focused on engaging the glutes I wasn’t engaging the abs. As a result, when I engaged the glutes they shortened pulling my hips forward because the abs were loose and simply able to lengthen.

    During my round yesterday I worked on contracting the abs on the downswing, and with time, my shots improved. I scored 8 strokes better on the back nine than I did on the front nine. The new muscle memory started replacing my old bad habit.

    The hips took care of themselves because I had learned the movement from the Tathata program. I didn’t have a hip problem, I had an abdominal contraction problem.

    If you are struggling, with any part of the golf swing, the answers to correcting the problem are within the Tathata lessons. Just keep listening closely for the clues to things you may not be doing properly. My issue is really a tiny issue but it had a big impact on my swing.

    Best of luck to all.



    Hi Lance,

    Incredible, thank you for updating us all on your journey since starting with the 60-Day Program back in 2015. It’s great to hear that you were able to take some time to build strength physically in areas where you found you needed it.

    You are exactly correct on your advice, we have many students who go through the program or certain days multiple times and hear parts of the training they didn’t before or hear it slightly different than before. This happens to all of us at certain times of our training or maybe in life as well. It’s not necessarily because we are not listening, but we may not be ready to hear certain things at specific times of our training until we are ready or open to hearing something new or in other words we are focused on hearing what we want to hear.

    Thank you Lance for your comments and for being a part of Tathata Golf!

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