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  • Sharing the experience – keeping it real
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    Completed Day 13 this morning. Keeping every day on track at this point.

    Played and walked 18 holes yesterday. Though I scored an ordinary round I could feel things in my swing that I had not felt prior. My old self was competing with my new self. I found peace with this. I understood what was wrong when it was wrong and new what was right when it felt right.

    Today my gluteus were tight and my lower back was stiff. I am now using muscles that I hadn’t engaged prior. This lead to a poor round today. However, I knew it was my fault and not the fault of the instruction. It isn’t easy to learn new body mechanics in less than two weeks when a lifetime of muscle memory has to be reprogrammed.

    I live where the weather is getting cold (today about 50 degrees with winds from the south at 25 mph). Because I know my season will soon be over I played two days in a row. I would have prefer not playing at all while I am going through this course.

    Love what I am learning and completely engrossed in the instruction. I encourage all who make this investment to learn to stay the course and know the results will come along with the effort invested. I too am in martial arts and have instructed countless students. The reward of watching the little details learned and internalized is so amazing that I understand that I am experiencing the moment of being the student again. It is freeing and humbling.

    Best of luck and best wishes to all,



    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience with the training so far. We are smiling knowing you are enjoying the training and look forward to hearing more from you as you progress further into the program.


    I have now completed Day, 50 one day ahead of schedule. What a great experience I have been having.

    I no longer wonder about my swing when the ball doesn’t fly where I intended. I simply know what I did wrong and I put my mind back in position to perform my swing correctly. It is so freeing to know what to do and not worry about it when something happens unplanned.

    Never planning to challenge a tour player but I am comfortable enough with my stroke to play with one if I was ever asked. I would not have said that 50 days ago. Actually was asked by Patton Kizzire this last summer and conveniently bowed out. I wish I had that moment back.



    I went to the practice range today to practice trajectory and shape. Suprisingly, trajectory gave me more trouble than shape.

    It was amazing watching the ball shape as taught in the program. Once I got the body moving correctly trajectory fell in line.

    I completed day 54 today with the deeper discussion on practice. I am pleased to say that this course had already changed how I approached practice before today’s deeper discussion on practice.

    Decided to play (second time since starting Tathata training) and I was so out in front of the game it was fun. I never took a practice swing because I now know how to swing. I just wanted to hit and watch the results. I didn’t hover over a ball because I wasn’t thinking about what I needed to do or what I was fearing.

    I am not saying everything was perfect but it was so different today. I was only able to play 7 holes before it started raining and my putter was forgotten at my house since I am using it during the training. Putted with 4 iron and hybrid. Too much fun.

    I encourage anyone starting this course to open your mind and forget about needing instant results, though they may occur. Let the training teach you and the results will follow.

    Much respect,



    We are smiling, thank you for sharing your experiences throughout your journey from Day 1 until now. It’s great to hear how well your training has come together and how well it’s instinctively become a part of your game.

    Love your comments of being “so out in front.” Just like you many 60-Day students have really enjoyed and seen an incredible improvement in their game and some to their life because of the mental training principles in the program.

    It must feel pretty great to create and achieve new outcomes that maybe you thought were not possible before, as well as having more fun on the golf course and sensing greatness in each and every moment.

    Thank you for the time and energy you have put into the program. Be sure to thank yourself for being open and willing for not only taking this journey, but for expecting greatness and something new each time you train or go to the course without needing to know how or why.

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