Shot a 73 today!

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  • Shot a 73 today!
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    I have been struggling all year on consistency so I took the chance and signed up for Tathata training. I had only gone through day 6 and still felt a profound difference in my swing strength and accuracy. So I took it to my home course and had an absolute blast smashing drives straight down the middle of the fairway (longest one was about 275!!), confidently swinging away with my long irons knowing I will hit the green (maybe not hold it…distance issues…the ball is going FAR), and pin seeking with my short irons.

    I don’t remember when I had this much fun playing golf. Thanks Tathata Golf! Thanks a lot.1



    Nice one Mike. It’s a beautiful feeling, the perfect struck golf shot, the sound, the contact, the posture an balance. Who knows what the outcome will be but that matters less and less now.

    Lee (UK)


    Congratulations Mike, thank you for sharing this with us. We are smiling with you and glad to hear you are having more fun on the golf course! Enjoy it and continue to sense the moments ahead being better than they have ever been.

    Thank you.

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