Slicing and hitting fat

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  • Slicing and hitting fat
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    Dear Tathata Team,

    great programm, really like the concept behind it backed by the movements of the greatest.

    Went on the golfcourse for the first time after finishing chapter 4 of the program.

    Result: Sliced every Tee Shot, was very inaccurate with my irons / and also hit some fat shots from time to time

    I’m planning on going back to the impact movements, any further advice to protect me from slicing besides your videos ? Anyone else with similar problems on this ?

    Thanks for your support




    Hi Florian,

    Below is a link to a previous discussion about similar question. If you’ll post a video to YouTube (down the line and face on), then I’m sure several folks would be happy to provide you with feedback.

    Feel free to follow up with additional questions or thoughts.

    Same Problem But Need Help


    I am suffering from the same problem and am currently trying to figure out whether I misunderstand pressure concepts or whether I am not able to apply them correctly.
    Esp. when it comes to pressure in the arms during downswing, the muscle build tension which itself keeps my wrist join far too fix. IOW, it is prevented from moving and turning naturally, from “exploiting gravity” and so on. This is a sound problem. How can I build pressure and strength without tension?
    Would be very glad to get help from the Tathata team as much as you probably.


    Hi Florian and Andreas, thank you for the question. David, thank you for your input!

    If you are experiencing some pushed or sliced shots, please refer to the video below of Bryan addressing this same question with another student!

    Thank you and enjoy!

    Student Q & A – Push/Push Slice

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