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    Hi Tathata Community. No question here, just wanted to say that I’m going to restart the program after having started and stopped 2 times. I’m making a public commitment to keep myself motivated ;). It’s been difficult to trust any one approach to the swing for myself. I’m going to take it on faith this based on the feedback that I’ll make this work! With all due respect to the program, I don’t think anyone could argue that there are a lot of other great teachers out there and ways to approach the swing. Here are some of the reasons I’m going to stick with Tathata:
    1) Maybe this isn’t the most profound reason, but I have limited time in my day to be able to work on my swing and exercise. I’m hoping that I can maximize my time and develop a routine where I’m getting a type of circuit training in with my tathata training. I’ve started doing push ups and sit ups in between the movements and plan to expand on this once I’m done with the 60 days. I also love that I can practice this anywhere!
    2) Having access to online reviews and video analysis is huge.
    3) I love having a clear path to train with. I used to do martial arts growing up (got to a 2nd degree red belt) and really miss the structure and disciple of training. This is something that is profoundly missing in golf instructions!
    4) I want to some day do this training with my daughter. She is 5, but she also already tried to mimic me doing the movements!It might sound corny but I want to learn something that we can hopefully do together as she gets older. Seeing the instigram photos of kids doing this has been inspiring.
    5) Watching Alex, Josh, and Lauren’s swings on instigram! Those three can stripe the ball!
    6) There seems to be a “truth” in using pressure that I can’t ignore and seems to be lacking in other golf instruction.
    7) Finally, I’m just tired of searching for the perfect swing…

    Those might not be the most profound reasons, but I’m doing to go for it. I’ll hopefully come back with some success news soon!


    Hi Scott. Good luck, I’m also returning (not sure I actually left) but want to be more proactive in the forum. 1st time through the program I scooted through as quickly as possible, not doing the stretching or the mental training exercises and frankly skipping some elements by guessing in the quizzes.

    2nd time round my intention is to embed the practical elements I skipped and ensure the general points I took away the first time are there. I’ve started to learn the stretching routine as well and dip into the supporting materials. I’m still open minded on the mental training side. But hat will come I’m sure.

    My practice and play are becoming more consistent and I feel freer to enjoy my golf currently. At least now even my poor shots are all very similar.

    Keep us informed on your progress


    Thanks, Lee. One of the things that I needed to realize is that making real swing changes take time. I admire anyone who makes major changes in 60 days, but the reality is that 60 days is a very short time period. In martial arts, nobody would expect you to be any good at martial arts in 60 days. You’re lucky if you go from white belt to yellow belt in some systems during 60 days. So, I’m lowering my expectations this time. I think what they’re doing with tathata is excellent and I’m really going to stick this out and take my time. With that said, I was having some good success with improved ball striking. Also, I hear you about the mental training, but it really does help. During one of my rounds I started to get this idea of “let me in coach!” from one of things Bryan was saying and was thinking that thought and letting the feeling of that “something great is going to happen” build up. As corny as it seems, it really did help. I let go of swing thoughts and just played. Now, I wasn’t shooting par, but I did play better and my playing partners noticed.

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