Stretches Day 5


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  • Stretches Day 5
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    Wow, I am not flexible enough to do those stretch poses.

    Do you have stretches that I can do while I loosen up?


    I feel your (if not pain) stiffness. 66 years old, arthritic knees–cannot go down to the full initial squat. No hope of the back bridge. Known occasionally as the human two-by-four. But I get as close as I can–cannot reach back and grab my foot, but if I wear long pants, I can grab my pant leg cuff and lift. I figure by day 60 I ought to be more flexible than I am now, right?


    It does get better.

    I was thrown because for the first days, he explains each movement, demonstrates with his assistants, and then does the movement. For the fifth day stretches, he just starts the stretches. He explains them, but it was difficult to watch the movement, see what he’s doing, see the benefit, and also do the movement myself at the same time. I kept waiting to see if he was stepping back to explain with his assistants or what.

    I watched the Day 5 video a couple of times before I was comfortable with the information.

    It would have been better if he explained at the beginning what he would do in the video and explained in the beginning that you might need to watch this video and review other material several times.

    Just my two cents worth.


    One other detail, all of the presenters are wearing dark pants on a black mat. Light colored pants or a different mat color would help the presentation.

    Also, maybe having one of the presenters displaying a side angle instead of all three facing the camera would help.


    I echo Steven’s issues and raise him 5 years. Am concerned about getting hurt and setting myself back. Am hoping for remedial poses. Will take advice to watch several times before attempting poses.
    Also, where are the staff replies so far?


    Thank you Patrick, Steven and Mary Lee for the comments and feedback. Also, thank you for the time and energy you are putting into the training. We are thrilled to have you part of the Tathata Family.

    For additional stretching support, we have created a video that currently sits under the Chapter Support section on each day of the program. You will find this section beneath the video lesson under the third tab. The stretching support video within this tab will provide you with supplemental stretching poses similar to what you see in the lessons with the same benefits, only not as intense.

    Feel free to also re-watch some of the introductory days and routines a few times if needed, like Patrick has. This applies to the rest of the training as well, there is no restrictions to how many times you watch a routine or day in the program. If there is a section you would like to stay longer in before moving on in the training, feel free to take advantage of it. There is no right or wrong way of how you go through the program or even how long it takes you.

    Yes Steven, the more a student performs and trains the movements, we have found the better they get at them and begin sensing them in their swing without even thinking about it.

    Thank you again for the comments and feedback. Hope this information helps. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Enjoy the rest of the training!


    Most all of these stretches, poses, are nearly impossible for me to perform. You state they are “crucial” to the program. I’m 62 and in very good physical condition. Unfortunately, 2 knee replacements and some other osteoarthritis issues have taken their toll on my flexibility. I guess I will be improvising this part of the program hoping “crucial” is a bit of an overstatement. I will check the supplemental stretches as an option.



    Thank you for being a part of Tathata Golf. The stretches are highly recommended, but not necessarily crucial. We have found those with knee replacements have had more difficulty than others with them too unfortunately. But yes, see the supplementary stretches in the stretching support video for ways to modify each stretch to still get the maximum return from each movement.


    I ahve watched the stretching support video. Is there a chart I can put up in my house to use after I know how to do the stretches well??


    What I think they fail to consider is that guys like me, 64 years old and not much flexibility yet, is how do I take this to the gym in the morning? I certainly can’t remember all of this stuff since it is so new. It is going to take me weeks and weeks to get near the flexibility I see I will need to do these stretches. He does go pretty fast. I also hear the word crucial about 20 times during each session so I really have to say everything must be crucial.


    Here are my thoughts: (I am at Day 39)

    I am 70. I was there with you all who are hesitant. I re-watch the “Stretching Exercises Routine A” daily because the demo is slower and easier to follow. In fact, I made a copy of the video so I can play it on my phone and tablet. Probably Tathata ought to make it available for those less technologically inclined. I also have re-watched the Introduction to Stretches a few times to make sure I get them right. I am at the point where Bryan’s words keep me in sync, so I needn’t watch the video while it is playing.

    Every day it is getting easier/better. I can do everything in my “olde aged” way, even the “superman pose”; but not to the extent Bryan can…..


    Thank you Luke, Greg and Nick for your great thoughts and feedback. We have received a good amount of interest on providing the stretching movements in a PDF form. We are looking at adding this to the Chapter Support for all students to utilize and train with.

    Thank you for this feedback, we love to hear from you and see how we can better assist your training and enhance the program overall.


    totally agree with putting together a pdf format for stretching routine, so that it could be referred to until the routine is memorized


    Thank you Robert for your feedback. We will keep everyone updated when this additional resource becomes available.

    Thank you for your patience and being a part of Tathata Golf.


    I see where a lot of folks asked for a chart or pdf showing each of the stretching exercises and they said they are working on it. When will it be available or if it is already, where do I find it. I cannot remember all the exercises.


    Hi Timothy,

    We have just added a PDF version of the Tathata Stretching Movements, the Tathata Stretching (Regression) Movements and the Tathata Stretching (Progression) Movements to the Chapter 1 Support section. You will find the Chapter 1 Support materials within the 3rd tab called “Chapter Support,” located halfway down the Chapter 1 page and Day 1-10 pages.

    We are excited for you and all 60-Day students to utilize and enjoy these resources. Thank you.


    I have to agree with all of the replies, I am 63 nd can’t complete some of the stretches, however I cans how beneficial they are, I do them the best I can. I have diabetis with neoropathy in legs, feet and hands. Both of my shoulders have been broken along with broken called (Charcot feet).


    Thanks Roger for your feedback. Please refer to the Chapter 1 Support section for the Stretching video and PDF’s that contain each stretching movement, as well as progressions and regressions. I have listed the direct links below:

    Stretching Support Video

    Stretching Movements PDF

    Stretching Movements (Progressions) PDF

    Stretching Movements (Regressions) PDF

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