Stretches Day 5


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  • Stretches Day 5
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    One thing with the Stretching PDF’s…they do not print properly for a Mac. I dug out my PC and they printed fine.


    Thank you for the feedback Paul. We see what you may be referring to. When printing the PDF’s on a Mac, the print preview doesn’t include all of the images and requires to be scaled down to 72% from 100%. We are currently updating how the PDF’s can be downloaded and printed for better quality. Thanks again for letting us know, you are helping us provide a better experience for all users.



    Could you format it to print 4 to a page (and print on Mac)? I am working through them but quite a way off from perfect (or even acceptable) form on some of them. I do agree with the earlier post…black on black makes it difficult to see the details of the stretch.

    On day 10 today…yeh!


    On the one knee bent stretch where we grab our ankle and pull our leg, my hamstring immediately cramps.. I have to stop. I can stand and touch my palms to the floor, but when I bend the leg towards my gluts, cramp time. What do I do As others have mentioned, a knee replacement limits my full knee bends, too.


    Hi Drake,

    Thank you for the question and the time you are putting into your training. Bryan the founder has reviewed and answered your question with a video. To view his response, please click on the link below.

    Student Q & A: Hamstring Cramping in the Runner’s/Low Lunge

    Thank you, enjoy!


    doing my best. cant do all the stretches like the video but with practice, I plan to get better!


    I think it would be great if you could break the stretching video out as a separate chapter support item for each chapter. I personally prefer to follow along with the video when warming up for my round but is a huge hassle to go back to a chapter with the stretching routine the fast forward to the part when the stretching routine begins. Also I use my iPhone to watch the videos it would be awesome if you had a mobile app to access the material on a phone or tablet instead of using the clumsy internet browser.


    Hi Grant! Thanks for reaching out and thank you for your dedication to your training. We are excited to share with you and the Tathata family that some exciting updates are coming this summer to make your training more easily accessible on all platforms. Also keep in mind the stretching routine, regression routine, can be found inside the chapter support tab inside all chapters!


    I can’t find the videos for stretching routine A/B only the discussion videos for regression etc.


    Hi Grant,

    The Stretching Support – Regression Routine is the stretching routine with Alex doing the modified version of the stretches while Lauren is doing the original stretches right alongside him. This is a great routine to use everyday and is found in each Chapter Support section. If you need any further help finding this video please let us know.

    Here is the direct link to the video:

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