Where is Daily Extra of Day 24?

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  • Where is Daily Extra of Day 24?
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    There is a Daily Extra mentioned in lesson question of day 23:
    “Is there a Daily Extra coming on Day 24 highlighting Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman’s thoughts on “pressure?”” The right answer is yes.

    But I can’t see any yellow tab on Day 24.
    Too bad I was really curious to see it.

    What happened to that extra, you guys cut it, and forgot to remove the question?


    It was there previously but has been removed. It was only a couple of minutes and was similar to the info we hear in the greatest players sections. I suspect they are tightening up some material, which I really appreciate. I give props to any business that continually modifies and improves material as they learn through experience.


    Below is a previous post from Tathata Staff discussing the daily extras. I checked again today and the one for day 23 is no longer there.

    Daily extras


    Hi Vincent and David,

    Yes you are correct, the daily extra on Day 24 has been removed. We are enhancing some of the additional support content available on the website. The quiz question on Day 23 has been removed for now.

    Thank you.

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