TELL TATHATA | How many days has it taken you to get to this point? What type of training schedule, if any, have you implemented?

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  • TELL TATHATA | How many days has it taken you to get to this point? What type of training schedule, if any, have you implemented?
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    Thank you James and Roger for sharing your feedback. We look forward to hearing more as you progress further. Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or need additional support.


    How does Tathast golf know what day we are on and when we complete our 60 adys?


    Hi Roger,

    The course allows us to see for each user what quizzes have been completed for each day, as well as the badges earned for Chapters 1-6.


    It has taken me 18 days to complete chapter 1. Originally I had visions of accelerating the program but after day 1 decided the slow and steady approach works. I play golf 3-4 times a week and ball striking immediately improved since embarking on the Tathata journey. Played an FSGA event at ChampionsGate this week, tieing for first (only 2 of us were in red numbers, net) and losing in a score card playoff. For a routine I am stretching on a daily basis and am going to add an evening stretch next week.


    Thank you Paul for sharing your feedback and progress. Incredible to hear about your improved ball striking and success in your recent event. Thank you for being a part of Tathata Golf and the energy you are putting into the training. We look forward to hearing more from you as you go deeper into the training.


    I have been doing the program since Jan/3 (120 days) and I’m on #47 so I’m pretty slow. I did have about 3 weeks of golf spread throughout March, 13 rounds total, and completed 2 rounds since courses opened, here on PEI Canada, April 29th, my question is what should I look towards doing daily/weekly/ etc now that the season has started?? Love the stretch and strength, I’m starting to see some results with full swing, short game is a change from what I’ve been doing and Teaching,




    It sounds like you are moving along at a great pace in preparation for golf season. One thing that is nice when you complete and are a graduate of the program is that all of the routines and videos become broken apart for you to go back and revisit. We would simply recommend revisiting a variety of the routines on a weekly basis as you move through the season. We are going to continue delivering additional supporting content to students in the weeks and months ahead that will help you when you go back into the different routines. We have also created a full swing, short game and putting combined routine that is close to completion and would be a great one for you to continue to go back to and revisit. Enjoy the golf season and revisiting a variety of routines. We will keep you up to date through email with all new material, support and content that becomes available throughout the next few weeks.


    It took me about 35 days to get to day 20, I usually do one a day and then go to the driving range to try to implement the new learnings.


    14 days, missed one day because I play after work on that day and then took off one day to be with family all day. Cannot wait to get to putting and short game.


    It’s taken me about 1 month. I started out doing a lesson every day for the first week and then scheduled events interrupted my lessons. I am not doing about 2-3 lessons per day depending on my schedule. I was initially concerned about this but since I am noticing improvement in my ball striking, I figured it’s working regardless of how frequently I take the lessons.


    It has taken me about 2 months to get here … I am a weekend golfer, 9 hcp (2 months ago I was an 11 hcp). I travel a lot for business, have 3 kids and a lovely wife, and manage an oil & gas business for a large conglomerate. But I really love the game and I am very glad I found Thatata.


    It has taken me about 14 days to complete 10 days. I look forward to each days lesson and am starting to do the stretching everyday. I am 70 years old and have played golf for 55 plus years. I have have a 10 handicap and was an 8 a while back. I have shot scores in the mid 70’s once in a while. After each round I have had back discomfort and I know it has been from a swing that has not been efficient. My buddies always tell me you have a nice slow swing. I tell them I am swinging as fast as I can. So the stretching and the lessons my back discomfort has gone away. How does that happen when before my swing has always been relaxed but apparently very disjointed? This training is very exciting for me because no lessons up till now have really explained how a swing should feel. Never have I understood how the feet should work. So eye opening is the hips back instead of forward and finishing balanced instead of on my toes. Wow this swing sure feels great. Looking forward to more!!!!!!! Terry


    I’m on day 15 and I purchased the course on Nov 7, so I guess that’s 35 days.




    I have progressed in about 18 days with one additional training session (20) that will be completed today. I am retired and have been able to progress a little ahead of schedule and have devoted the time needed to ensure that I am grasping the lessons and movements. I play golf usually 4 days per week, and thus have allotted the time necessary to complete lessons and go back and ensure that I am grasping each movement, etc.


    It has taken me 14 days since I began the program
    to complete day 11 of the training. My goal is complete one lesson per day but not always able to. Nonetheless, wintertime is a great time to work the program.


    Thank you all for the energy you are putting into your training. We are thankful for each one of you and for being a part of Team Tathata! We enjoy receiving your comments and incredible stories on a daily basis sharing about your journey so far with the training and the progress you have made and are continuing to make each time you train.

    Thank you,

    The Tathata Staff


    I have taken 17 days to go thru 20 lessons. I intended to go slower, but I got so engaged by the course that I just kept pressing ahead. In Chapter 2, I realized I needed to slow down, thoroughly drill the exercises, and only do one lesson a day.

    I don’t have the space or facilities to follow along with the video in real time, so I watch the videos in the evening and practice the routines the next morning in the gym, where I’ve got mirrors and more room.


    I have completed session 13 and it has been about three weeks. I find that I sometimes go back over some things to ingrain them fully, that, even when I know we will go through them again in the next lesson. I know there are some mechanical issues I need to make mine and truly own them to keep those old ways from creeping in. I have played golf three times in that period and have found some good things and a couple old things raising their ugly heads. Those to me are the indicators of the reps I have to put in to create the new (and proper) movements to be consistent in my execution. Still, there are other things that get in the way of doing a lesson per day, and I do not discount them, but in the end, I am working on creating a golf swing that will last the next many years, and making that a reality takes some time and patience. I do have many years of bad advice, teachers who fix things and don’t build from the ground up, to overcome and there is plenty of light I can see at the end of this tunnel.
    BTW, thank you for this quality product that truly does build a better swing.

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