Breaking 80. You Can Do This!

You’ll Be Surprised at How Easy it can be To Play Great Golf

If you regularly get the ball in the air and generally make solid contact, but not consistently enough to shoot low scores, you likely break 100 but have a tough time approaching or breaking a round of 80.


Typically mid handicap players such some common issues holding them back:

  • They don’t consistently hit the ball far enough or straight enough to reach greens in regulation
  • They don’t get up and down, often unable to just two putt a green.

Tathata Movement Training

Tathata Golf training is built to help you resolve these challenges by training in a completely new way. There are certain ways your body may be moving that currently inhibit you from playing good golf.

In the first 10 days of the Tathata 60 Day Program you will learn how to move your body effectively to immediately begin to improve the consistency of your shots.


In our unique training, you will see these movements validated by the greatest players of all time, so that you know what you are working on is right and true. You’ll learn hand and arm movements that completely complement the body movements, allowing you to move the golf club in an incredibly efficient way.


Once this foundation has been built, details like pressure, impact, speed and strength will help to move your improvement and development as a golfer ahead at rates faster than you have ever imagined. Light bulbs will begin going off and you will start putting the whole motion together in your head.

Before you know it you will already be moving the golf club in ways that will make it ways for you to finally break 80, making pars the expectation instead of a surprise.

Pressure Training and the Martial Arts Influence

In this section of the 60 Day Program, students are introduced to one of the biggest differences between mid-handicap golfers and tour professionals: The ability to use and apply pressure throughout their motion, whether they know it or not.


This is where Tathata’s revolutionary approach stands out. No study of martial arts is complete without understanding the pressure, vitality and energy of a motion. In the Tathata 60 Day training, the pressure section alone, strategically introduced after the body, hands and arms start moving properly will immediately help you add speed to your swing and a stability through impact that you have never felt before. It is at this point in the program that lives truly begin to change for golfers. Most are amazed at how easy it can be to play truly great golf.


“It’s not a bunch of swing tips, it’s not a bunch of band aids, its built from the ground up, the right way, and it’s going to last for me, it’s not going to disappear tomorrow, it’s in me.”

Paxton Jevnick, Tathata Student, HDCP 10

Getting Better Around the Green

Now, about that getting up and down. To shoot lower scores, shots need to be saved around the green. The short game and putting movements introduced in the Tathata 60 Day Program are an incredible way for mid-handicappers to learn and improve around the greens.


Movements introduced in the program offer players an easy way to begin moving the club on all shots around the green. Imagine effortlessly making the ball go where you intended it to do, in a motion as underhand tossing the ball – no matter how hard or soft a shot you need to make.


This is the portion of the program that will help build a short game you can rely on without the need to constantly practice.

Breaking 80 and the Tathata 60 Day Program.

You can break 80. And you can do it with the world’s first 60 Day in home golf training program.


Ready to start on your path to breaking 80? Get started with the Tathata 60 Day Home Program.


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  1. C Vance
    C Vance [ ]

    Just finished day 20. I've found this program to be awesome. Thanks for putting all this great content together. As a 2 handicap golfer I've had moment where I played pretty consiently well, but I've always struggled with various swing thoughts over the years. And as I begin to try to incorporate the body and arms/hand movements I labored a bit over how I was going to remember all the different movements and put them into proper sequence. What helped me with this was doing the 12th body movement in slow motion. By doing this I could think through the various body movements throughout the swing. As I gradually sped up this 12th movement I realized that it I could do it without any thoughts at all. Just a suggestions, others might find this helpful.

  2. Glover [ ]

    I am 53 years old and just started playing golf in May of this year. I've worked hard too improve and have managed to consistently score in the low to mid 90's (which, all my golf friends tell me is pretty good). However, I started feeling like this was as good as I was going to get, so I went to my golf pro at the course I play and signed up for some lessons. I have to honestly say that I received no meaningful instruction whatsoever. i then started watching youtube videos, reading books, watching instruction on TV and ordered a set of videos that "guaranteed" longer drives and lower scores. This never happened. I just finished Day 1 of this course and I already sense a much deeper commitment by the instructor to truly help me play better golf. Obviously, it's too early to tell how much this will improve my game, but I'm cautiously optimistic. I'll let you know how things are going as I progress through the material. C Glover

  3. Kenneth [ ]

    I am 68 years old. I used to be a 10 hdcp. Age and body replacement have taken a toll. I just completed day 15 training. Physically I cannot do all the stretching exercises but my rehab exercises accomplish the same function. My game has gotten progressively worse and I was always saying I wasn't keeping my head where I needed to have it in the proper position. Now I have come to realize my body was out of whack. I have been working at it, but consistently still not there. However, today I finally made a proper and effortlessly swing and hit my drive 30 yards past any drive I have hit in a long time. Sure does help the motivation. Ken Harris