Curt Hudek Appointed CFO Tathata Golf

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 4, 2015… Tathata, the creator of revolutionary new golf training designed to transform the entire mind, body and swing, is proud to announce that Curt Hudek has been appointed as CFO of the company. In this role, Hudek will act as a liaison with the PGA and LPGA in addition to managing the financial operations of the company as it prepares to launch the world’s first 60-Day In-Home Golf Training Program.


Hudek brings over 30 years of finance, golf management, and golf education experience to Tathata, along with an extensive network of contacts with golf facilities, golf professionals and the business community. Prior to joining Tathata, he was the Executive Director of the Southwest Section of the PGA.

“Curt comes to Tathata with a strong mix of financial experience and some deep industry connections in the world of golf which will be instrumental as we prepare to launch our new Tathata Golf training programs,” said Bryan Hepler, Master Instructor and Founder of Tathata. “We’re thrilled to welcome him to our team and we’re positive that he is going to be a major contributor to the growth of our company.”


In addition to his most recent position at the Southwest Section of the PGA, Hudek’s background includes more than ten years as a CPA in Public Accounting, including a position with Ernst and Young in Phoenix; more than ten years of golf management experience, including a General Manager position at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas; and eight years of educational experience as the Director of PGA Professional Golf Management program at Arizona State University.


Tathata, in its truest sense means “suchness,” a sense of complete understanding and all-knowing. The essence of Tathata and suchness is found deep within the simple understanding of knowing who you are and being trained in such a way that you always have a sense of your greatness building. The foundation of Tathata mental training is built from eternally true and proven principles that have been practiced by some of the world’s greatest and strongest minds for thousands of years. These teachings open students up to a sense of strength and readiness to effortlessly begin sensing their own greatness building out in front.


New Tathata golf training programs will be launched in the spring of 2015.

About Tathata
Tathata was founded by Bryan Hepler of Hepler Golf LLC and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since 2010, the company has been strategically developing the Tathata brand, products, facility and logistics to offer a unique and innovative Mind, Body, Swing and Life line of products. The company has unprecedented support and strength from individuals and organizations in the game of golf. The overall mission of Tathata is to help golfers and instructors everywhere become their greatness through unique practices designed to build strength within their golf game as well as their total life. For more information, visit


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  1. C Vance
    C Vance [ ]

    Just finished day 20. I've found this program to be awesome. Thanks for putting all this great content together. As a 2 handicap golfer I've had moment where I played pretty consiently well, but I've always struggled with various swing thoughts over the years. And as I begin to try to incorporate the body and arms/hand movements I labored a bit over how I was going to remember all the different movements and put them into proper sequence. What helped me with this was doing the 12th body movement in slow motion. By doing this I could think through the various body movements throughout the swing. As I gradually sped up this 12th movement I realized that it I could do it without any thoughts at all. Just a suggestions, others might find this helpful.

  2. Glover [ ]

    I am 53 years old and just started playing golf in May of this year. I've worked hard too improve and have managed to consistently score in the low to mid 90's (which, all my golf friends tell me is pretty good). However, I started feeling like this was as good as I was going to get, so I went to my golf pro at the course I play and signed up for some lessons. I have to honestly say that I received no meaningful instruction whatsoever. i then started watching youtube videos, reading books, watching instruction on TV and ordered a set of videos that "guaranteed" longer drives and lower scores. This never happened. I just finished Day 1 of this course and I already sense a much deeper commitment by the instructor to truly help me play better golf. Obviously, it's too early to tell how much this will improve my game, but I'm cautiously optimistic. I'll let you know how things are going as I progress through the material. C Glover

  3. Kenneth [ ]

    I am 68 years old. I used to be a 10 hdcp. Age and body replacement have taken a toll. I just completed day 15 training. Physically I cannot do all the stretching exercises but my rehab exercises accomplish the same function. My game has gotten progressively worse and I was always saying I wasn't keeping my head where I needed to have it in the proper position. Now I have come to realize my body was out of whack. I have been working at it, but consistently still not there. However, today I finally made a proper and effortlessly swing and hit my drive 30 yards past any drive I have hit in a long time. Sure does help the motivation. Ken Harris